The training

The training The training to improve a small and general motility; to continue to make active the dictionary at the expense of new verbs, adjectives and adverbs far, close; to fix calculating skills; to continue to acquaint children with figures from to ; to correlate quantity to the figure designating it; to learn to carry out the elementary performance.

Equipment: doll bibabo Parsley; fingertype hats of heroes of the fairy tale see fig.

; the picture Labyrinth see fig.

; toy hammer; screen; the subject picture Try, find see fig.

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You can show

You can show At the same time he does not love monotonous activity of which quickly is tired.

Therefore games are located in such sequence.

You can show creativity and think up types of complications which will be interesting to your child and correspond to opportunities of your kid.

Game has procedural character, the main thing in it actions.

They are made with the game subjects approached to reality.

Our purpose to seek for emergence of actions with subjects deputies.

Activity of the child gains character of the subject.

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Think and answer. Ask questions

Think and answer. Ask questions Invite children to go to travel on a fantastic glade.

Put children on the stools which are in advance placed by a semicircle.

Acquaintance to the fairy tale.

Tell that the Cockerel will tell the fairy tale Cat, Rooster and Fox today.

Remind that children have to listen attentively, and think diligently.

Tell or read the text of the fairy tale, at the same time exposing figures of characters of the fairy tale and necessary scenery.

Think and answer.

Ask questions about contents of the fairy tale.

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Fears appear

Fears appear The child suffering from uneasiness and fears is quite often excessively impressionable and easily excitable by nature; however, sometimes, neurotic fears arise at children because of our own imprudence, sincere deafness and thoughtlessness.

Fears appear at the child in a situation of an emotional pressure, a mental trauma; this reaction quite often happens exaggerated, almost shock in collisions, at an adult look, simply trifling.

The world around is perceived by the child not always in proportion, the scale of events is quite often broken.

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Similarly Similarly and mother in spite of the fact that she knows about jealous feelings of the daughter, will give her big help, remaining the selfassured wife and mother who is not allowing to order herself, showing the hardness if it is necessary and not afraid to show the love and devotion to the husband.

The boy's life considerably becomes complicated if mother treats him with bigger love, than to the husband, or than the father treats it.

As a result the child will move away from the father and will start being afraid of it.

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If your

If your Puppies behaved as well as children who could not satisfy the instinct of a sosaniye: puppies sucked the paws and paws of the brothers and sisters so intensively that from them wool got down.

If your child starts sucking a finger or a hand, it is better not to stop him immediately, and to give him the chance more long to suck a breast, a pacifier or a baby's dummy see section .

It is necessary to consider quantity and duration of feedings.

It is necessary to take measures when the child only starts sucking a finger.

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It is necessary

It is necessary or a beret three chetyrmya fingers shchepotyyu.

It is necessary to remember that similar subjects can be near the child only during dough, in the rest of the time round the kid there should not be such small subjects.

Otherwise it can take them in a mouth and choke.

Your child is capable to collect the scattered small subjects in a small group if you show him as to do it.

Such actions can become new fascinating game of the kid.


If the child does not do such movements for the next one two months and does not take small subjects in hand, it is necessary to address to the oculist for sight check.

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